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A compact yet highly functional ethernet based environment monitor featuring a built-in temperature sensor and supporting one external digital sensor and one external switch sensor.

The AVTECH Room Alert 3E is an affordable, compact, yet highly functional solution for server room monitoring. Whether you have a small data center or require high density monitoring in a larger data center, you will find the Room Alert 3E to be an ideal 0U monitor.

Features of the Room Alert 3E

  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Optionally add 1 x digital sensor and 1 x switch sensor
  • High/Low thresholds
  • Alerting by email
  • PoE ready
  • Includes an external power adapter
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit
  • SNMP support
  • Use the built-in web server, bundled Device ManageR software, or any SNMP application to monitor

Monitors phone or wiring closets, critical rack cabinets and facilities of all types, in real time. Since Room Alert 3E is connected via Ethernet and does not require a host PC for operation, it can be located anywhere an Ethernet connection is available. Room Alert 3E is Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled which allows it to be placed anywhere PoE Ethernet is available (i.e. power source not required). Sensors can be run inside a rack cabinet, air vent, sub floor or other location. Room Alert 3E will help to protect valuable IT equipment or other property and minimize downtime if a disaster should occur.

Room Alert 3E can also be easily used in non-technology environments residential and commercial buildings, restaurants, warehouses, greenhouses and much more.

Supported Sensors

The AVTECH Room Alert 3E is the monitoring base unit and has one built-in temperature sensor. You can add further external sensors in order to sense a wide variety of different environmental factors in your data center.

Sensor Connectors 1 x RJ-11 Digital Sensor Connectors
1 x Dry contact two pin connectors
Built-in Sensors Temperature
Max. External Sensors 1 x Digital Sensors
1 x Switch Sensors or Dry Contacts
Supplied External Sensors None
Supported External Sensors Digital Temperature Sensor
Digital Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Digital Outdoor Temperature Sensor
Digital Fluid Temperature Sensor
Flood Sensor (Spot)
Rope Flood Sensor
Mains Power Sensor
Air Flow Sensor
Smoke Sensor
Motion Sensor
Room Entry Sensor
Fuel Level Sensor
Water Level Sensor

Room Alert Range Feature Summary

  Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi Room Alert 3E Room Alert 3S Room Alert 12S Room Alert 12SR Room Alert 32S
Mounting Wall Wall Wall Wall Rack Rack
Network Wi-Fi Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet
Digital Sensors Digital sensor ports only support connecting digital sensors. Digital sensors measure within a range of values, like a temperature range. 1 1 1 3 3 8
Switch Sensors Switch sensor ports only support connecting switch sensors. Switch sensors only measure one of two states, the normal state and the alarm state. Take the smoke sensor as an example, it has a normal state which indicates no significant smoke is present and an alarm state that indicates that a significant amount of smoke is present perhaps indicating a fire. 1 1 1 4 4 16
Analog Sensors Analog sensors provide values as voltages between 0-5VDC. Common analog sensors include current loops and extreme high and low temperature sensors. The Room Alert 3 WiFi and Room Alert 3E do not support analog sensors, but you can buy the Digital Temperature & Analog Sensor to add support at the cost of one of your digital sensor ports. 0 0 0 1 1 2
Light Tower & Relay PortsA port for connecting a Light Tower to your Room Alert. There are two port types. The Room Alert 4E / 4ER has a six terminal port to plug in the AVTECH External Light Tower. The Room Alert 12E, 12ER, 32E and 32W all have RJ11 connectors dedicated to the light tower. But the light tower must be the model with the built-in light tower adapter. The Room Alert 3E also supports the light tower but does not have a dedicated port. You must use one of your digital sensor ports to connect the light tower. 0 0 [1] 0 [1] 1 [1] 1 [1] 2 [1]
Relay Output PortsTwo pin port (0.3A@125VAC / 1A@24VDC) for connecting an output relay to your Room Alert. 0 0 0 1 1 2
Built-in Sensors Temperature Temperature Temperature Temperature Temperature Temperature, Humidity, Power
Supplied External Sensors None None None 1 x Digital Active Power Sensor 1 x Digital Active Power Sensor 1 x Digital Active Power Sensor
1 x 7.5m Digital Temperature Sensor
Secure HTTPS No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Secure Email Alerts No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in UPS An Uninteruptable Power Supply or UPS keeps your monitoring system alive during power outages giving your monitoring system time to send alerts. No No No No No Yes

[1] A Light Tower can be connected to the Room Alert 3E, Room Alert 3S, Room Alert 12S & 12SR and Room Alert 32S using a Light Tower Adapter. The Room Alert 12S, 12SR and 32S all have dedicated ports for connecting the Light Tower with Adapter. On the Room Alert 3E and 3S you need to use one of the digital sensor ports. You can buy a light tower with integrated light tower adapter for use with the Room Alert 3E, 3S, 12S, 12SR and 32S.

What is RoomAlert.com?

RoomAlert.com is a cloud based service for monitoring Room Alert monitors and newer Axis cameras combined with a download area for device firmware updates and Device ManageR software and plugins. The service has a number of different subscription levels, Lite, Personal, Professional and Enterprise. The level of your subscription dictates what level of access to the RoomAlert.com service you receive. If you require a level of access afforded by a higher level of subscription, you can upgrade your subscription to the higher level at any time.

Room Alert Manager Device Screen

Room Alert Manager

Room Alert Manager is AVTECH's all-in-one software solution for the discovery, management, monitoring, alerting, logging, graphing, automatic action and more of AVTECH's IT & facilities environment monitoring products. Complete with its unique range of features, Room Alert Manager runs as a Windows Service and will continuously and automatically discover Room Alert devices network-wide and display multiple units through a single IP address. Multi-level user access is available through Room Alert Manager’s web interface, accessible from anywhere.

Room Alert Manager offers the perfect complimentary software platform to AVTECH’s products, making it easy for users with multiple Room Alert devices to monitor and document environment conditions, improve reliability, and decrease unplanned downtime as part of their business continuity plan.

Room Alert Manager includes powerful features that allow users to send alert notifications when issues or events are detected by their Room Alert monitors and sensors. Room Alert Manager allows for unlimited alerting of customizable alert notifications to individuals and groups, hierarchies, dependencies and scheduling. It also allows for Actions on Alert/Alert clear conditions such as toggling Light Tower LEDs, Send Web URL requests and more. All this is possible through a single local software installation, with no rules and no agents.

Ideal for managing multiple deployments or single units, Room Alert Manager also allows users to take automatic actions to resolve issues, automatically log sensor data in an embedded SQL database for one click export, view graphed data over a user-specified amount of time with the ability to toggle between graph and sensor displays, monitor alert status for multiple units, set monitoring thresholds, set multiple IP addresses, securely update firmware and so much more. Users can categorize devices based on their own custom criteria, so users can group devices by type, location, or any other metric that allows for easier device management.

GoToMyDevices Screenshot

Manage in the cloud with RoomAlert.com

RoomAlert.com gives you worldwide visibility of your environment data, with built-in alerting, logging, reporting and management. You'll no longer need to guess what your data center temperature is, you'll be able to see in real time exactly what the temperature is from any web connected device like your smart phone or tablet. All Room Alert monitors send your data readings straight up to RoomAlert,com where it is stored, logged and, if necessary, triggers an alarm for you.

RoomAlert.com Subscription Levels

Each Room Alert monitor includes a 12 month Personal subscription to RoomAlert.com. You can upgrade your subscription at any time to a higher subscription level. If after your twelve months subscription you do not renew, then your subscription level reverts to the Lite level. The Lite subscription gives you limited access to the cloud service but it does not give you access to the Downloads area.

  Base Account Personal Professional Enterprise
Support Online FAQs & Resources Email Support Email, Chat & Phone Support Email, Chat & Phone Support
Downloads Firmware Downloads Download Access Download Access Download Access
Plugins No Plugins No Plugins Device ManageR Plugins Device ManageR Plugins
Number Devices 1 Devices 10 Devices 25 Devices 50 Devices
History 1 Days History 30 Day History 180 Day History 365 Day History
Number Alerts 1 Configured Alerts 10 Configured Alerts 25 Configured Alerts 75 Configured Alerts
Number Notifications Unlimited Notifications Unlimited Notifications Unlimited Notifications Unlimited Notifications
Reports 1 Saved Report 3 Saved Report 7 Saved Report 25 Saved Report
Report Runs Unlimited Report Runs Unlimited Report Runs Unlimited Report Runs Unlimited Report Runs
URL No Public URL No Public URL Public URL Public URL
Users 1 Users 2 Users 10 Users 25 Users
Network Camera Support No Network Cameras No Network Cameras Network Cameras Monitoring Network Cameras Monitoring
CSV Export No CSV Export No CSV Export CSV Export CSV Export

What's in the Box?

  • 1 x Room Alert 3E base unit
  • 1 x external power adapter
  • 12 Months Personal level RoomAlert.com subscription
  • Printed manuals
More Information
Connectivity Ethernet (RJ45)
Built-in Sensors


Max External Sensors

1 x Digital Sensor

1 x Switch Sensor / dry contact

External Sensors Supported
AVTECH 7.5m Digital Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH 15m Digital Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH 30m Digital Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH 7.5m Digital Temperature/Humidity Sensor Digital
AVTECH 15m Digital Temperature/Humidity Sensor Digital
AVTECH 30m Digital Temperature/Humidity Sensor Digital
AVTECH 7.5m Digital Outdoor Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH 15m Digital Outdoor Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH 30m Digital Outdoor Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH 7.5m Digital Fluid Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH 15m Digital Fluid Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH 30m Digital Fluid Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH Flood Sensor (Spot) Switch
AVTECH Rope Flood Sensor Switch
AVTECH Mains Power Sensor Switch
AVTECH Digital Active Power Sensor Digital
AVTECH Air Flow Sensor Switch
AVTECH Smoke Sensor Switch
AVTECH Motion Sensor Switch
AVTECH Room Entry Sensor Switch
AVTECH Fuel Level Sensor Switch
AVTECH Water Level Sensor Switch
External Sensors Supplied


Mounting Options Shelf
Logging Yes
User Interface Built in web interface
Alerting Email, SNMP Trap
Supported Protocols



Dimensions 2.2cm H x 9.2cm D x 4.4cm W

1 x RJ-11 Port for Digital Sensor

1 x 2 Wire Terminal

Operating Environment

Temperature: -40 to 85C

Relative Humidity: 5% - 85% RH (non condensing)

Network Interface

RJ-45, 10/100 Mbps BaseTX

Status Indicators

Ethernet Link & Activity Indicator

Digital Sensor Alert Indicator

Switch Sensor Alert Indicator

Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af
Temperature Units Celsius / Fahrenheit
Customer Questions
What is GoToMyDevices.com?
GoToMyDevices.com is a cloud service operated by AVTECH Software supporting the Room Alert range of environmental monitors. The service optionally stores data from your Room Alerts and provides centralised data retention, reporting and alerting capabilities...
Are the Room Alert SNMP MIBs available?
Yes. The MIBs are available from the GoToMyDevices.com download area. Alternatively, you can request a copy by emailing support.
Does the AVTECH unit come with maintenance?
Yes. The AVTECH Room Alert monitors are supplied with 12 months maintenance and support. This is renewable after that date for a small charge.
Can the email alert be set up so it notifies you if the temperature reaches over a set point?
Yes. You can alert on the threshold going over or under a range you specify.
I'm looking for a Room Alert sensor that can detect water coming into server room through underground?
The rope type water sensor would be best in this case. The rope flood sensor is available in lengths of 2.4m or 7.3m. The sensor fits on all Room Alerts.
Can I use the Avtech Water Level Sensor (NC) to monitor the fuel level in the fuel tanker?
No. I would not recommend this sensor for use in a fuel tank. You would need to use one of the Fuel Level sensors for the AVTECH products. There are two versions, one is Normally Closed (NC) and the other is Normally Open (NO).
I'm looking at how to use the Room Alert 3E remotely. Say maybe connect via USB to use a mobile phone to send an email on a daily basis as to the temperature at that time?
The Room Alert 3E has an IP address and can be made visible remotely like any other IP address, typically using Port Forwarding on the Router. Email alerts are standard and set up to use a normal SMTP mail server. If you want to add Schedules...
Does the AVTECH Flood sensor work with the AVTECH Room Alert 4E?
Yes. The Flood sensor fits on the 'switch' type port on the Avtech Room Alert 4E.
Is the AVTECH Room Entry Sensor - RMA-RE1-SEN compatible with Room Alert 3E?
Yes. The Room Entry sensor is a switch sensor and the Room Alert 3E has one switch port available in addition to the one digital sensor port.
Do customer need calibration for Avtech Room Alert?
The Room Alert models are calibrated at the factory and require no further calibration by the customer. However the software has an Adjust feature which allows you match the readings to a given reference thermometer.
Can we use the sensors of AKCP in AVTECH room alert 3 or 4E?
No. The AKCP and Avtech Software sensors are not compatible with each other due to using a different connector. AKCP use a RJ-45 connector between the sensor and the environment monitoring main unit and Avtech use a RJ-11 connector. You can only use ...
Is the Room Alert 3E compatible with Office 365 SMTP?
No, not directly from the Room Alert 3E unit anyway. The Office 365 SMTP server can only be used using encryption. Any attempts to connect to the SMTP server without encryption will be denied. There are a few workarounds though: Use the Avtech Room...
What is the difference between digital and switch sensors?
AVTECH Software have a range of sensors that are compatible with the Room Alert range of environmental monitors. Each sensor has two types of sensor ports built in to them. The digital sensors are used to measure values over a defined range for example...
What is encrypted email?
When you send email using regular SMTP servers the email you send is sent plain text over the network. Plain text means that, with proper network sniffiing tools, the email can be read by anybody with access to the network traffic. The internet was ...
Is the Room Alert 11E still available?
No. The AVTECH Room Alert 11E environment monitor was discontinued a number of years ago and is no longer being manufactured. The Room Alert 11E was replaced by the Room Alert 12E.
  1. AVTECH November 2020 Special Offer AVTECH November 2020 Special Offer One of our most-requested promotions is the Buy 3, Get 1 FREE promo on either the Room Alert 3E or the Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi. The time to start planning for 2021 is now, and these promos should help you prepare your organization and improve your business continuity for the year ahead.
  2. Buy 3 AVTECH Sensors or Accessories, Get 1 Free until 30th November 2018! Buy 3 AVTECH Sensors or Accessories, Get 1 Free until 30th November 2018! As part of AVTECH Software's ongoing 30 anniversary celebration, they are running a Buy 3, Get 1 FREE promotion on all AVTECH sensors and accessories!
  3. Announcing RoomAlert.com Lifetime Subscriptions Announcing RoomAlert.com Lifetime Subscriptions RoomAlert.com has introduced AVTECH customers to the many benefits of a cloud based solution, like reduced configuration effort, seemless alerting and reduced backup burden. It has introduced one new problem: renewal anxiety. With the introduction of RoomAlert.com Lifetime Subscriptions you only need to buy a single lifetime subscription instead of having to renew every year.
  4. AVTECH announce introduction of Monitor360 technology to RoomAlert.com AVTECH announce introduction of Monitor360 technology to RoomAlert.com AVTECH are introducing their new Monitor360 technology to your RoomAlert.com account on the Professional and Enterprise tiers.
  5. New AVTECH Shielded Temperature / Humidity Sensor New AVTECH Shielded Temperature / Humidity Sensor AVTECH Software have announced the immediate availability of a new shielded version of their combined temperature and relative humidity sensor. The shielded sensor is designed for use in environments with electrical noise that may hinder the operation of a sensor without shielded cabling. The new sensor is available in 7.5m, 15m and 30m lengths.
  6. AVTECH News March 2018 AVTECH News March 2018 All of the recent AVTECH Software news condensed into a single handy post for March.
  7. Introducing Dew Point in Room Alert Introducing Dew Point in Room Alert AVTECH are rolling out a new firmware update for their Room Alert range of environment monitors with the dew point calculation built-in.
  8. AVTECH Software - Buy One Temp & Humidity Sensor, And Get One FREE In November! AVTECH Software - Buy One Temp & Humidity Sensor, And Get One FREE In November! Customers who purchase any size cable length Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor in the month of November will receive a second one absolutely free!
  9. AVTECH Firmware Updates September 2017 AVTECH Firmware Updates September 2017 New releases of AVTECH Room Alert firmware for the Room Alert 3E, the Room Alert 4E / 4ER, Room Alert 12E / 12ER and the Room Alert 32W.
  10. New EU VAT Free Shopping New EU VAT Free Shopping Business customers with a valid VAT number can now shop VAT free when the goods are sent outside of the United Kingdom.
  11. New AVTECH Software Active Power Sensor New AVTECH Software Active Power Sensor AVTECH have introduced an innovative new sensor, the Active Power Sensor designed to improve your monitoring of power to all of your devices, including air conditioning, network switches, telephone PBX etc. anything that has a power cord and runs on AC can be monitored.
  12. Room Alert Firmware Updates Room Alert Firmware Updates AVTECH have recently released a number of firmware updates for the following Room Alert models: Room Alert 3E, Room Alert 4E, 4ER, Room Alert 12E, 12ER and Room Alert 32W.
  13. Announcing New Fully Customisable GoToMyDevices Dashboard Announcing New Fully Customisable GoToMyDevices Dashboard AVTECH have recently announced the immediate availability of a fully customisable GoToMyDevices.com dashboard for users of all tiers. The dashboard gives you the option to display the most important reports, maps and alerts giving you an optimal overview of your monitoring system.
  14. AVTECH Room Alert 3E 4 for 3 February Offer AVTECH Room Alert 3E 4 for 3 February Offer If you need a number of AVTECH Room Alert 3E units, you are in luck. We have a 4 for 3 offer on at the moment that runs until the end of February 2017.
  15. Announcing GoToMyDevices.com version 2.0 Announcing GoToMyDevices.com version 2.0 AVTECH Software have announced the release of a brand new version of their cloud based service for monitoring, reporting and alerting your enivronmental data.
  16. Room Alert 3E - Now with Power Adapter Room Alert 3E - Now with Power Adapter AVTECH Room Alert 3E natively supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), but now it also comes with an external 5V power adapter, making it even more flexible, use the 3E where you have PoE or access to a mains power outlet.
  17. New Product - Avtech Room Alert 3E New Product - Avtech Room Alert 3E The Avtech Room Alert 3E is specifically designed to assist with monitoring temperature and other environmental conditions where the requirement is fora small footprint, fits in the palm of your hand, where electrical power may not exist and when the investment cost needs to be minimal where deployment volumes may be high.
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