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AVTECH's most secure and powerful environment monitoring solution. Complete protection for your data centre. Built-in temperauture, humidity and power sensors. Built-in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Room Alert 32S is AVTECH's most secure and advanced hardware solution for "IT & Facilities Room Environment Monitoring, Alerting, Automatic Corrective Action & More". It offers users a wide range of data security features such as HTTPS / SSL web interface, SSL / TLS Email Support, SNMP v1 & v2, and SSL Push to Room Alert Account. It is designed specifically to assist with monitoring computer room temperature, humidity, power, room entry and much more in multiple locations simultaneously. Room Alert 32S offers users the ability to monitor large numbers of sensors both indoors and out. Room Alert 32S allows alert notifications via email, email-to-SMS, SNMP, web page update and more to devices like computers, mobile phones and mobile devices. Room Alert 32S offers an easy to use web browser interface for settings changes and viewing real-time temperature, humidity, power and other environment sensor status from anywhere. For additional security, firmware updates are authenticated via secure certificate to prevent malicious takeover or traffic from non-authorized external sources. Room Alert 32S comes standard in a 1U 19" configuration, however rotating mounting wings can be used to mount on a wall or other desired locations.

Features of the Room Alert 32S

The Room Alert 32S package allows real-time temperature and environment monitoring, logging, one click data export, advanced alerting, Fahrenheit/Celsius, high/low watermarks, temperature values in alerts, custom alert text and more.

  • Easy Ethernet 'Plug and Play' setup for remote temperature and environment monitoring from anywhere.
  • Includes built-in Digital Temperature, Digital Humidity and Power Sensors.
  • Includes a built-in Uninterruptible Power Supply (MUPS) and PoE compatibility.
  • Includes 1 external Digital Temperature / Humidity Sensor.
  • Includes 8 Digital Sensor Ports for use with AVTECH's sensors for Digital Temperature, Digital Outdoor Temperature, Digital Fluid Temperature, Digital Temperature & Humidity or Digital Active Power.
  • Includes 16 channels for switch sensors or dry contacts.
  • Includes additional ports to add 2 relays, 2 light tower & relay adapters (LTAs), and 2 low voltage analog sensors.
  • Includes PUSH Technology and SNMP Trap & Query compatibility.
  • Advanced alerting by email, email-to-SMS, SNMP, web page update & more.
  • Use the built-in web server or any SNMP application to monitor.
  • Sensor data is available in JSON format, making it easy to integrate into other applications.
  • Use Room Alert 32S with or without a host system. That's right...No PC Required!

Supported Sensors

The AVTECH Room Alert 32S is the monitoring base unit and has built-in temperature, relative humidity and power presence sensors. You can add further external sensors in order to sense a wide variety of different environmental factors in your data center.

Sensor Connectors 8 x RJ-11 Digital Sensor Connectors
16 x Dry contact two pin connectors
1 x Relay Output
1 x Analog Sensor Input
1 x Light Tower Connector
Built-in Sensors Temperature
Relative Humidity
Heat Index (Feels Like)
Power Presence
Max. External Sensors 8 x Digital Sensors
16 x Switch Sensors or Dry Contacts
2 x Analog Sensors
2 x Relay Connected Devices
Supplied External Sensors 1 x Digital 7.5m Temperature/Humidity Sensor (RMA-DTH-SEN)
Supported External Sensors Digital Temperature Sensor
Digital Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Digital Outdoor Temperature Sensor
Digital Fluid Temperature Sensor
Extreme High Temperature Sensor
Extreme Low Temperature Sensor
Flood Sensor (Spot)
Rope Flood Sensor
Mains Power Sensor
Air Flow Sensor
Smoke Sensor
Motion Sensor
Room Entry Sensor
Fuel Level Sensor
Water Level Sensor

Room Alert Range Feature Summary

  Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi Room Alert 3E Room Alert 3S Room Alert 12E Room Alert 12ER Room Alert 12S Room Alert 12SR Room Alert 32E Room Alert 32S
Warranty One Year One Year Three Years One Year One Year Three Years Three Years One Year Three Years
Mounting Wall Wall Wall Wall Rack Wall Rack Rack Rack
Network Wi-Fi Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Digital Sensors Digital sensor ports only support connecting digital sensors. Digital sensors measure within a range of values, like a temperature range. 1 1 1 3 3 3 3 8 8
Switch Sensors Switch sensor ports only support connecting switch sensors. Switch sensors only measure one of two states, the normal state and the alarm state. Take the smoke sensor as an example, it has a normal state which indicates no significant smoke is present and an alarm state that indicates that a significant amount of smoke is present perhaps indicating a fire. 1 1 1 4 4 4 4 16 16
Analog Sensors Analog sensors provide values as voltages between 0-5VDC. Common analog sensors include current loops and extreme high and low temperature sensors. The Room Alert 3 WiFi and Room Alert 3E do not support analog sensors, but you can buy the Digital Temperature & Analog Sensor to add support at the cost of one of your digital sensor ports. 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 2 2
Light Tower & Relay PortsA port for connecting a Light Tower to your Room Alert. There are two port types. The Room Alert 4E / 4ER has a six terminal port to plug in the AVTECH External Light Tower. The Room Alert 12E, 12ER, 32E and 32W all have RJ11 connectors dedicated to the light tower. But the light tower must be the model with the built-in light tower adapter. The Room Alert 3E also supports the light tower but does not have a dedicated port. You must use one of your digital sensor ports to connect the light tower. 0 0 [1] 0 [1] 1 [1] 1 [1] 1 [1] 1 [1] 2 [1] 2 [1]
Relay Output PortsTwo pin port (0.3A@125VAC / 1A@24VDC) for connecting an output relay to your Room Alert. 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 2 2
Built-in Sensors Temperature Temperature Temperature Temperature Temperature Temperature Temperature Temperature, Humidity, Power Temperature, Humidity, Power
Supplied External Sensors None None None 1 x Digital 7.5m Temperature / Humidity Sensor 1 x Digital 7.5m Temperature / Humidity Sensor 1 x Digital 7.5m Temperature / Humidity Sensor 1 x Digital 7.5m Temperature / Humidity Sensor 1 x Digital 7.5m Temperature / Humidity Sensor 1 x Digital 7.5m Temperature / Humidity Sensor
Secure HTTPS
Secure Email Alerts
Built-in UPS An Uninterruptable Power Supply or UPS keeps your monitoring system alive during power outages giving your monitoring system time to send alerts.

[1] A Light Tower can be connected to the Room Alert 3E, Room Alert 3S, Room Alert 12E & 12ER, Room Alert 12S & 12SR and Room Alert 32S using a Light Tower Adapter. The Room Alert 12S, 12SR and 32S all have dedicated ports for connecting the Light Tower with Adapter. On the Room Alert 3E and 3S you need to use one of the digital sensor ports. You can buy a light tower with integrated light tower adapter for use with the Room Alert 3E, 3S, 12E, 12ER, 12S, 12SR, 32E and 32S.

Room Alert Integration Options


RoomAlert.com Screenshot

RoomAlert.com is a AVTECH's cloud based service for monitoring Room Alert monitors and newer Axis cameras combined with a download area for device firmware updates and Room Alert Manager software and plugins. The service has a number of different subscription tiers, Base, Personal, Professional and Enterprise. The tier of your subscription dictates what level of access to the RoomAlert.com service you receive. If you require a level of access afforded by a higher tier, you can upgrade your subscription to the higher level at any time.

RoomAlert.com gives you worldwide visibility of your environment data, with built-in alerting, logging and reporting. You'll no longer need to guess what your data center temperature is, you'll be able to see in real time exactly what the temperature is from any web connected device like your smart phone or tablet. All Room Alert monitors are able to send your data readings straight up to RoomAlert.com where it is stored, logged and, if necessary, triggers an alarm for you.

RoomAlert.com Subscriptions

RoomAlert.com is a subscription service with a free tier. If your paid subscription expires, you drop to the free tier. All tiers paid or free have access to Room Alert monitor firmware updates.

Each Room Alert monitor includes a 12 month Personal tier subscription to RoomAlert.com. You can upgrade your subscription at any time to a higher subscription tier. If after your twelve months subscription you do not renew, then your subscription tier reverts to the Base tier. The Lite subscription gives you limited access to the cloud service but it does give access to firmware updates but does not give you access to Room Alert Manager updates.

  Base Account Personal Professional Enterprise
RoomAlert.com Features
Users 1 User 2 Users 10 Users 25 Users
Registered Devices 1 Device 10 Devices 25 Devices 50 Devices
Registered Links     10 Devices 25 Devices
Data History 1 Day 30 Days 180 Days 365 Days
Monitor360™ Sensors     10 Sensors 25 Sensors
Configured Alerts 1 Alert 10 Alerts 25 Alerts 75 Alerts
Unlimited Notifications
Advanced Alerting    
Saved Reports 1 Report 3 Reports 7 Reports 25 Reports
Public URLs    
Network Camera Monitoring    
Firmware Downloads
AVTECH Device Discovery
Room Alert Link™    
Room Alert Manager™    
Device ManageR to Room Alert Import Tool™    
AVTECH Device ManageR™ (legacy)  
AVTECH Device ManageR™ Plugins (legacy)    
Support Online FAQs & Resources Email Support Email, Chat & Phone Support Email, Chat & Phone Support

Room Alert Link

Room Alert Link is AVTECH's software package that acts as a bridge between your local estate of Room Alert monitors and the RoomAlert.com cloud. Room Alert Link is able to discover new Room Alert monitors as well as securely transfer environmental data from your local network up to AVTECH's RoomAlert.com cloud.

Room Alert Manager

Room Alert Manager is AVTECH's locally installed all-in-one software solution for the discovery, management, monitoring, alerting, logging, graphing, automatic action and more of AVTECH's IT & facilities environment monitoring products. Complete with its unique range of features, Room Alert Manager runs as a Windows Service and will continuously and automatically discover Room Alert devices network-wide and display multiple units through a single IP address. Multi-level user access is available through Room Alert Manager’s web interface, accessible from anywhere.

Room Alert Manager Device Screen

Room Alert Manager offers the perfect complimentary software platform to AVTECH’s Room Alert monitors, making it easy for users with multiple Room Alert devices to monitor and document environment conditions, improve reliability, and decrease unplanned downtime as part of their business continuity plan.

Room Alert Manager includes powerful features that allow users to send alert notifications when issues or events are detected by their Room Alert monitors and sensors. Room Alert Manager allows for unlimited alerting of customizable alert notifications to individuals and groups, hierarchies, dependencies and scheduling. It also allows for Actions on Alert/Alert clear conditions such as toggling Light Tower LEDs, Send Web URL requests and more. All this is possible through a single local software installation, with no rules and no agents.

Ideal for managing multiple deployments or single units, Room Alert Manager also allows users to take automatic actions to resolve issues, automatically log sensor data in an embedded SQL database for one click export, view graphed data over a user-specified amount of time with the ability to toggle between graph and sensor displays, monitor alert status for multiple units, set monitoring thresholds, set multiple IP addresses, securely update firmware and so much more. Users can categorize devices based on their own custom criteria, so users can group devices by type, location, or any other metric that allows for easier device management.

Integrate into your Existing Systems

If you are already using a network management system you can integrate your Room Alert monitor data into your existing system using SNMP. SNMP is protocol designed to make integrating different systems together. Please see the Guide to using SNMP with the Room Alert for further details about the information available from your Room Alert monitor and how you can retrieve it.

AVTECH have also implemented an API for the Room Alert monitors so you can retrieve data from your monitors using HTTP web protocol. If you would like further details how you can retrieve data using HTTP, please read the Guide to using PowerShell with your Room Alert.

What's in the Box?

  • Room Alert 32S base unit with rack mount brackets
  • 1 x Digital 7.5m Temperature/Humidity Sensor (RMA-DTH-SEN)
  • 1 x external power adapter
  • 12 Months Professional level RoomAlert.com subscription
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Printed manuals
More Information
Connectivity Ethernet (RJ45)
Built-in Sensors


Relative Humidity

Power Presence

Max External Sensors

8 x Digital Sensors

16 x Switch Sensor or Dry Contacts

2 x Analog Sensors

External Sensors Supported
Sensor Type
AVTECH 7.5m Digital Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH 15m Digital Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH 30m Digital Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH 7.5m Digital Temperature/Humidity Sensor Digital
AVTECH 15m Digital Temperature/Humidity Sensor Digital
AVTECH 30m Digital Temperature/Humidity Sensor Digital
AVTECH 7.5m Digital Outdoor Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH 15m Digital Outdoor Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH 30m Digital Outdoor Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH 7.5m Digital Fluid Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH 15m Digital Fluid Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH 30m Digital Fluid Temperature Sensor Digital
AVTECH Flood Sensor (Spot) Switch
AVTECH Rope Flood Sensor Switch
AVTECH Mains Power Sensor Switch
AVTECH Digital Active Power Sensor Digital
AVTECH Air Flow Sensor Switch
AVTECH Smoke Sensor Switch
AVTECH Motion Sensor Switch
AVTECH Room Entry Sensor Switch
AVTECH Fuel Level Sensor Switch
AVTECH Water Level Sensor Switch
External Sensors Supplied

1 x Digital Active Power Sensor (with built-in temperature sensor)

Mounting Options Rack
Logging Yes
User Interface Built in web interface
Alerting Email, Secure Email, Siren / Strobe Light, SNMP Trap, Secure SNMP Trap
Supported Protocols


SNMP v2c



Power Supply External Power Supply, Power over Ethernet
Dimensions 4.4cm H x 9.5cm D x 48.2cm W

8 x RJ-11 Port for Digital Sensors

16 x 2 Wire Terminal on Rear

2 x Relay Output Ports (0.3A@125VAC / 1A@24VDC) on Front

Operating Environment

Temperature: -40 to 85C

Relative Humidity: 5% - 85% RH (non condensing)

Network Interface

RJ-45, 10/100 Mbps BaseTX

Status Indicators

Ethernet Link & Activity Indicator

Digital Sensor Alert Indicator

Switch Sensor Alert Indicator

PoE Indicators

Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af
Temperature Units Celsius / Fahrenheit
Customer Questions
What is Room Alert Manager?
Room Alert Manager is a software application to help you manage your estate of Room Alert monitors. The software is able to take data from a number of Room Alert monitors and provide central data storage, reporting and alerting facilities. You need...
Can I switch off data push to RoomAlert.com?
Yes. You may disable data push to RoomAlert.com for all monitors except the Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi. The newer PRO line of Room Alert monitors like the Room Alert 32S / 12S / 12SR & 3S, data push can be enabled or disabled inside the monitor's web interface...
  1. AVTECH Release New Room Alert Manager AVTECH Release New Room Alert Manager
  2. AVTECH Free Flood Sensor with all Room Alert 32E / 32S AVTECH Free Flood Sensor with all Room Alert 32E / 32S
  3. Announcing the new AVTECH Room Alert 32S Announcing the new AVTECH Room Alert 32S AVTECH Software have announced the immediate availability of the new Room Alert 32S. The Room Alert 32S is an upgraded version of the Room Alert 32E with the addition of added security features like secure browsing and secure SNMP.
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