AVTECH 2.4m Rope Flood Sensor

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The AVTECH 2.4m Rope Flood Sensor is perfect for when you need to know when water has ingressed into a wide area like the raised floor of your server room. The Rope Flood Sensor has a long water sensitive rope that you can cover over a wide area giving you the maximum chance to detect flooding before it affects your server room.

The AVTECH 2.4m Rope Flood Sensor is an auto-sense flood sensor capable of detecting water leaks or flood over a wide area.

What is a Rope Flood Sensor?

A rope flood sensor detects water leaks over a wide area. The rope sensor has a variable length rope section that is sensitive to water. When water is detected over the length of the sensitive rope the sensor notifies the AVTECH Room Alert.

If you need to monitor just a single location, for instance a drip tray underneath an air conditioning unit, the spot flood sensor would be a good choice.

Technical Specification of the Rope Flood Sensor

Environment Condition Monitored Flood / Water
Real-time Yes
Sensor Range Alerts when wet
Power Supply 5VDC 1Amp adapter
Sensor Cable Type 2 wire cable
Auto sense  
Available Sensor Cable Lengths 2.4m and 7.5m
Compatible Monitoring Products Compatible with all Room Alerts

Rope Flood Sensor Variants

The Spot Flood Sensor is available with a cable length of 2.4m and 7.5m only. The length of the cable is the distance you can place the water sensitive unit away from your Room Alert.

Product Lengths Available SKU
2.4m Rope Flood Sensor 2.4m RMA-F008-SEN
7.3m Rope Flood Sensor 7.3m RMA-F024-SEN

Flood Sensor Comparison

A comparison of all of the various flood sensors available for your AVTECH Room Alert.

Product Type Cable Length Water Sensitive Cable Length Room Alert Support
Spot Flood Sensor Spot - detects water ingress in one location 7.5m N/A All Room Alert monitors & Wireless Hubs (WiSH)
Rope Flood Sensor Rope - detects water ingress over a wide area 7.5m 2.4m & 7.3m All Room Alert monitors & Wireless Hubs (WiSH)
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