AVTECH External Light Tower with Audio & Adapter

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The AVTECH External Light Tower with Audio and Adapter is designed to enhance the alerting capabilities of your server room monitoring system by providing clear visible and optional audible indication that an alert has been triggered. This model includes an adapter for connecting the light tower to your Room Alert 3E, 12E, 12ER, 32E and 32W.

The AVTECH External Light Tower with Audio & Adapter is designed to enhance the alerting capabilities of the Room Alert 3E, Room Alert 12E, Room Alert 32E and Room Alert 32W models to included visual alerting when an issue or event occurs. The visual lights can be turned on or off via SNMP Trap or SNMP Set commands. This capability allows the Room Alert to be mounted in a location where the visual lights are highly visible and can be activated by alarms detected by the connected sensors or by other devices remotely across the network.

The External Light Tower is supplied with an adapter for connecting to Room Alert models without the light tower connector. The Room Alert models without the connector are the Room Alert 3E, 12E, 32E and 32W models. The External Light Tower comes standard with a 1m cable, but can be extended up to 30m with AVTECH's 3m Light Extension cables.

Features and Specifications for AVTECH Light Tower

External Light Tower Red-Yellow-Green
Mounting Bracket Yes, compatible w/1U rack, wall or other
Sensor Cable Type AVTECH custom cable
Sensor Cable Length 25ft (8m Light extension cable available)
Maximum Sensor Cable Length Approximately 30m
Compatible Products Room Alert 3E, 32E and 32W

External Light Tower Variants

A comparison of the various light tower options available in the AVTECH Software range.

ProductCable LengthSKURoom Alert Compatibility
Light Tower w/Audio 4.5m ST-RYG-LT Room Alert 4E & Room Alert 4ER
Light Tower w/Audio & Adapter 4.5m ST-RYG-LT/A Room Alert 3E, Room Alert 12E, Room Alert 12ER, Room Alert 32E & Room Alert 32W

The Light Towers are supplied with 4.5m of cable. The 7m Light Tower Cable Extender is available to create a cable run up to a maximum of 30m.

What's in the Box

  • External light tower with adapter
  • 1m light cable
  • Installation Note and Instruction sheet
  • Sales and technical support
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