AVTECH Normally Open (NO) Air Flow Sensor

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The AVTECH Normally Open Air Flow Sensor provides real-time recognition of air flow stoppage giving you real time information about when the air has stopped flowing in critical parts of your server room.

The AVTECH Normally Open Air Flow Sensor provides real-time recognition of air flow stoppage. The Air Flow Sensor can be either normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO). The sensor includes a mounting clip and clamp. Typical use is to monitor continuous air flow in an HVAC duct, under a raised floor, or near a fan on a rack cabinet or important server. The air flow sensor is a Plug & Play sensor instantly picked up by your Room Alert. The sensor connects to one of the switch sensor channels on the back of any Room Alert.

This sensor is equivalent to the Stego Air Flow Sensor #01300.0.

Technical Specification of the Air Flow Sensor

Environment Condition Monitored Air flow
Real-time Yes
Sensor Range Alerts when air flow stops
Power Supply None. Monitoring unit supplies power.
Sensor Cable Type 2 wire cable
Auto sense
Available Sensor Cable Lengths 7.5m
Compatible Monitoring Products Compatible with all Room Alerts

Air Flow Sensor Variants

The Air Flow Sensor is available with a cable length of 7.5m only. The Air Flow Sensor is available in a Normally Closed (NC) and Normally Open (NO) variants.

ProductSensor LengthSKU
Air Flow Sensor Normally Closed (NC) 7.5m RMA-AF1-SEN
Air Flow Sensor Normally Open (NO) 7.5m RMA-AF2-SEN
Customer Questions
What does NO and NC mean?
Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) terms refer to type of dry contact or wet contact. Put very simply, a Normally Open sensor will have no current when in a normal state but when it enters an alarm state it will have +5V applied to the circuit...

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