AKCP sensorProbe2+

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A highly configurable environment monitor from AKCP featuring four sensor ports, encrypted email alerts, an optional GSM data modem and optional SNMPv3 support.

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AKCP sensorProbe2+
AKCP sensorProbe2+

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£282.72 £235.60


    The ideal solution for small computer and server rooms. The AKCP sensorProbe2+ is an easy to use, economical complete environment monitor for alerting to changes in temperature, humidity, flooding and much more. With built-in secure web-based software, the AKCP sensorProbe2+ gives you an easy to use sophisticated Notification Wizard to alert to changes and to log and graph data.

    Thermal Map Sensors

    The sensorProbe2+ provides the perfect way for you to thermal map your cabinets. The temperature inside a cabinet varies greatly between the cold air inlet and the hot air outlet. The SP2+ provides a way to cost effectively map the temperature and relative humidity between the cold air inlet and the hot air outlet and the positions in between.

    Server Rack 27-B Server Rack 27-B with monitoring

    Supported Sensors

    The AKCP sensorProbe2 is the monitoring base unit, it does not have any built-in sensors. In order to measure anything you need to attach one or more sensors to the base unit.

    Sensor Connectors 4 x RJ-45 sensor connectors
    Built-in Sensors None
    Max. External Sensors 4
    Supplied External Sensors None
    Supported External Sensors AKCP Temperature Sensor
    AKCP Combined Temperature/Humidity Sensor
    AKCP Airflow Sensor
    AKCP Digital Voltmeter
    AKCP Dry Contact Sensor
    AKCP Smoke Detector Sensor
    AKCP Motion Detector Sensor
    AKCP Power Detector Sensor
    AKCP Security Sensor
    AKCP Spot Water Detection Sensor
    AKCP Rope Water Sensor
    AKCP ropeFuel Sensor

    sensorProbe Range Feature Summary

     AKCP sensorProbe2AKCP sensorProbe2 PoEAKCP sensorProbe2+AKCP sensorProbe4AKCP sensorProbe4 PoEAKCP sensorProbe8AKCP sensorProbe8 PoEAKCP sensorProbe8 X20AKCP sensorProbe8 X60
    Mounting Wall Wall Wall Rack Rack Rack Rack Rack Rack
    Sensor Ports 2 2 4 4 4 8 8 8 8
    Extended Dry Contact Inputs None None None None None None None 20 60
    Built-in Sensors None None None None None None None None None
    Supplied External Sensors None None None None None None None None None
    Optional Built-in Cellular Modem
    Power over Ethernet (PoE)

    AKCP sensorProbe2 Rack Monitoring Options

    AKCess Pro Server

    Installations with more than one SP2+ or other AKCP monitoring units greatly benefit from using AKCess Pro Server software. AKCess Pro Server is a free software application created by AKCP. The application enables you to group your entire estate of AKCP monitors into a single screen, giving you centralised data logging and alert configuration.

    • Web based interface so you can manage from anywhere;
    • Extensive map support with drill down to cabinet level;
    • Extensive notification options taking into account sensor, power or access control status;
    • Easy notification configuration with the Notification Wizard. Extensive alert actions like SNMP traps, Email, Popup Messages, SMS, Remote Unlock;
    • Extend with your own scripts for complex sensor input or alert notifications.

    What's in the Box?

    • 1 x sensorProbe2+ base unit
    • 1 x power adapter with power cord
    • 1 x 5ft. ethernet cross over cable
    • Help CD
    • Printed manual
    Ask a Question
    In very simple terms, the securityProbe range is more feature rich than the sensorProbe range. The sensorProbe range offers a more honed feature set and lacks some of the more advanced alerting options available on the securityProbe range like SMS text alerting. The securityProbe range also supports a wider range of sensors. Though the additional sensors supported do tend to be quite niche, like fuel tank level measurement and the like. With the release of the sensorProbe2+ and sensorProbeX+... Read more
    Published in: AKCP
    Akcess Pro server is a software product developed by AKCP to support their environment monitors. The software enables central data logging and alerting of sensorProbe and securityProbe monitors.
    Published in: AKCP
    AKCP temperature and humidity sensors have a quite high accuracy and are calibrated by the supplier of the sensor. In general they do not need much calibration. The user could carry out calibration to verify accuracy. If needed you can adjust using the "Reading Offset". There is also a calibration certificate available on request for the sensors.
    Published in: AKCP
    AKCP sensors all use RJ45 connectors and can be extended using standard CAT5 cable and one or more inline couplers up to a maximum distance of 100m. Historically, AKCP did recommend extending their sensors using your structured cabling systems. AKCP have more recently stopped recommending the use of structured cabling systems as structured cabling systems become more intelligent they begin to interfere with the sensor signal making the sensor reading unreliable at best. Read more
    Published in: AKCP
    Not directly or easily. None of the sensorProbe series products support switching off servers directly. It could be possible to send an email to a server and then have a job on the server wait for alert emails and then trigger the shutdown script. The securityProbe range provides a more direct solution as it is has a feature enabling it to shut down one or more servers. There is also a notification wizard for configuring the alarm actions. In this case you would need a temperature sensor, the... Read more
    Published in: AKCP
    No. Only the securityProbe range is able to read information from remote sensorProbes using the Virtual Probe feature. If you wanted to merge information from a number of different sensorProbe units, you would need to either use a 3rd party SNMP based network monitoring application or AKCP's own management software, AKcess Pro server.
    Published in: AKCP
    I assume that you would like to be able to have the siren/strobe light acitvated by your existing alarm system. If you have a dry contact coming from your alarm system into a port on the sensorProbe, and the siren/strobe from another port on the sensorprobe, then yes, you can trigger activation of the siren/strobe light based on a change in state across the dry contact.
    Published in: AKCP
    All of the securityProbe monitors as well as the sensorProbe2+ and sensorProbeX+ can be fitted with an optional built-in cellular modem at order time. A built-in cellular modem cannot be added afterwards. However, the securityProbe monitors do support USB modems that can be fitted at any time.
    Published in: AKCP
    When you send email using regular SMTP servers the email you send is sent plain text over the network. Plain text means that, with proper network sniffiing tools, the email can be read by anybody with access to the network traffic. The internet was a much more naive place when the original SMTP standard was developed. It has since been enhanced to include an option to encrypt the email traffic when it is sent from the email client to the server. Why does encrypted email matter to an... Read more
    Published in: Environment Monitoring
    1. AKCP sensorProbe+ Firmware Update December 2017 AKCP sensorProbe+ Firmware Update December 2017 AKCP have released a firmware update for the AKCP sensorProbe2+ and the AKCP sensorProbeX+ units to support the new AKCP LCD Display among many other changes.
    2. Announcing the AKCP Programmable LCD Display Announcing the AKCP Programmable LCD Display The AKCP LCD Display features a high quality, backlit, display and includes a free built in temperature sensor. The display connects to any sensorProbe+ device, via the intelligent sensor port, and can be programmed to show the reading and status of any AKCP sensor connected to the sensorProbe+.
    3. New EU VAT Free Shopping New EU VAT Free Shopping Business customers with a valid VAT number can now shop VAT free when the goods are sent outside of the United Kingdom.
    4. AKCP News August 2017 AKCP News August 2017 AKCP have made some improvements to the temperature sensor product line (TMP00, DCT00, TMS), with a new style box. All temperature sensors will ship with this new enclosure starting 15th September 2017. Dual sensors with temperature and humidity will follow in this new style enclosure by second quarter 2018.
    5. A tour around the Modbus features of the AKCP sensorProbeX+ A tour around the Modbus features of the AKCP sensorProbeX+ A tour around the new Modbus features of the new AKCP sensorProbeX+ server room monitor. The sensorProbeX+ can both act as client or server using either RS-485 or Modbus TCP/IP.

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