AKCP sensorProbe2+ with built-in 4G Voice Capable Internal Cellular Modem

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AKCP sensorProbe2+ base unit with built-in 4G Internal Cellular Modem supporting SMS notifications, voice calls and data.

The ideal solution for small computer and server rooms. The AKCP sensorProbe2+ is an easy to use, economical complete environment monitor for alerting to changes in temperature, humidity, flooding and much more. With built-in secure web-based software, the AKCP sensorProbe2+ gives you an easy to use sophisticated Notification Wizard to alert to changes and to log and graph data.

The sensorProbe2+ can be fitted with an optional 4G cellular modem for out of band communication and alerting.

Thermal Map Sensors

The sensorProbe2+ provides the perfect way for you to thermal map your cabinets. The temperature inside a cabinet varies greatly between the cold air inlet and the hot air outlet. The SP2+ provides a way to cost effectively map the temperature and relative humidity between the cold air inlet and the hot air outlet and the positions in between.

Server Rack 27-BServer Rack 27-B
Server Rack 27-B
Server Rack 27-B with monitoringServer Rack 27-B with monitoring
Server Rack 27-B with monitoring

Supported Sensors

The AKCP sensorProbe2+ is the monitoring base unit, it does not have any built-in sensors. In order to measure anything you need to attach one or more sensors to the base unit.

sensorProbe2+ Range Feature Summary

Base Units Bundles
  sensorProbe2+ sensorProbe2+ PoE sensorProbe2+ with built-in 4G Modem without voice sensorProbe2+ with built-in 4G Modem with voice sensorProbe2+ with TMP01-NIST2 sensorProbe2+ PoE with TMP01-NIST2 sensorProbe2+ with THS00 sensorProbe2+ with THS01
SKU SP2+ SP2+PoE SP2+M4E SP2+M4E2 SP2+NIST2-T01 SP2+PoE-NIST2-T01 SP2+dTH00 SP2+dTH01
Mounting Wall / 0U Wall / 0U Wall / 0U Wall / 0U Wall / 0U Wall / 0U Wall / 0U Wall / 0U
Sensor Ports
(inc. dry contact sensors)
4 physical ports
2 unlocked
4 physical ports
2 unlocked
4 physical ports
2 unlocked
4 physical ports
2 unlocked
4 physical ports
2 unlocked
4 physical ports
2 unlocked
4 physical ports
2 unlocked
4 physical ports
2 unlocked
Built-in Sensors None None None None None None None None
Supplied External Sensors None None None None 1 x TMP01-NIST2 1 x TMP01-NIST2 1 x THS01 1 x THS00
PSU Included
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Email Notifications
SNMP Trap Support
SMS Notifications
Voice Notifications

AKCess Pro Server

Installations with more than one SP2+ or other AKCP monitoring units greatly benefit from using AKCess Pro Server software. AKCess Pro Server is a free software application created by AKCP. The application enables you to group your entire estate of AKCP monitors into a single screen, giving you centralised data logging and alert configuration.

  • Web based interface so you can manage from anywhere;
  • Extensive map support with drill down to cabinet level;
  • Extensive notification options taking into account sensor, power or access control status;
  • Easy notification configuration with the Notification Wizard. Extensive alert actions like SNMP traps, Email, Popup Messages, SMS, Remote Unlock;
  • Extend with your own scripts for complex sensor input or alert notifications.

What's in the Box?

  • 1 x sensorProbe2+ base unit
  • Built-in 4G Internal Cellular Modem - capable of sending SMS notifications and data (with voice call support)
  • 1 x power adapter with power cord
  • 1 x 5ft. ethernet cross over cable
  • Help CD
  • Printed manual
More Information
Connectivity Ethernet (RJ45)
Built-in Sensors


Max External Sensors

2 x Intelligent Sensors

4 x Intelligent Sensors with 4PUN (SP2+ unlock 2 addition sensor ports)

External Sensors Supported
AKCP Temperature Sensor
AKCP Combined Temperature/Humidity Sensor
AKCP Airflow Sensor
AKCP Digital Voltmeter
AKCP Dry Contact Sensor
AKCP Smoke Detector Sensor
AKCP Motion Detector Sensor
AKCP Power Detector Sensor
AKCP Security Sensor
AKCP Water Detection Sensor
AKCP Rope Water Sensor
AKCP ropeFuel Sensor
AKCP Thermal Map Sensor
AKCP Thermal Map Temperature / Relative Humidity Sensor
External Sensors Supplied


Mounting Options Wall
Logging Yes
User Interface Built in web interface
Alerting Email, Secure Email, SMS, Voice Call, Siren / Strobe Light, SNMP Trap, Secure SNMP Trap
Supported Protocols


SNMP v2c


Power Supply External Power Supply
Dimensions Size : 4.5″ x 2.5″ x 1.25″

Up to 4 x RJ-45 Sensor Ports / Dry Contacts

Up to 20 Dry Contact Input and Output (0VDC/5VDC)


Configurable output signals (0VDC/5VDC) on any of the 4 RJ-45 sensor ports

Operating Environment

Temperature: Min. -35° C – Max.80° C
Humidity: Min. 20% – Max. 80% (Non-Condensing)

Network Interface

Standard 100MB Full Duplex

Ethernet RJ-45 Port

Status Indicators

LED indication for Power

LED for Network Connectivity

LED for sensor online and threshold status

Power over Ethernet None

Manufactured using highly integrated, low power, surface mount technology to ensure long term reliability.

Temperature Units Celsius / Fahrenheit
Customer Questions
Is it possible to extend AKCP sensors?
AKCP sensors all use RJ45 connectors and can be extended using standard CAT5 cable and one or more inline couplers up to a maximum distance of 100m. Historically, AKCP did recommend extending their sensors using your structured cabling systems. AKCP...
How do we trigger the A/V alarms based on the alarm condition our system generates?
I assume that you would like to be able to have the siren/strobe light activated by your existing alarm system. If you have a dry contact coming from your alarm system into a port on the sensorProbe, and the siren/strobe from another port on the sensorprobe...
What is the accuracy of the AKCP temperature sensor?
The AKCP temperature sensors have an accuracy of  ±0.5°C from -10 to +75°C.
What is AKCPro Server?
AKCPro Server is a software application written by AKCP for logging and alerting you to environmental problems in your data center. The software is able to integrate all of the wide range of monitoring tools available from AKCP like inline power measurement...

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