AKCP Rope Water Sensor

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The AKCP ropeWater is a rope style water sensor ideal for monitoring for water leaks and flood detection under raised floor, or false ceiling areas for example.

For use with the AKCP sensorProbe and securityProbe range of environment monitors, the sensing rope cable is available from a 3m/10ft minimum to any custom run length of up to 50m/165ft. The non-sensing connector part of the cable comes with a standard 6m/20ft run length which then connects to any of the RJ45 Intelligent sensor ports on the AKCP base units using standard CAT 5/6 LAN cable.

  • Detects the presence of water if any portion of the rope becomes wet
  • Customisable length enabling the rope to have a specified ‘sensing’ region - in the target area and a non-sensing region from the rope to the sensing module
  • Up to 50 meters of rope sensing is possible
  • Connects to AKCP intelligent sensor ports


  • Measurement range: Wet or Dry ( -20°C +60°C)
  • Measurement accuracy: Able to detect the presence or non-presence of water
  • Sensor type: Patent pending, capacitance measurement technology
  • Power consumption: Typical 125 mWatt, 25 mA
  • Communications cable: 
    • RJ45 jack to main sensor module using UTP Cat 5 cable. Maximum extension cable run length is 30m
    • Comes fully assembled including the Water sensing rope, the non-sensing cable that connects the rope to the sensing module and the main sensing module that connects via CAT5 LAN cable to the sensorProbe / securityProbe 5E
    • Sensing rope cable can be pre-ordered from a 10ft minimum to any custom run length of up to 165ft or 50m
    • Non-sensing cable comes in a standard 20ft run length
  • Compatible base units: all sensorProbe monitors, all securityProbe monitors and E-sensor8

Please contact us or phone +44 (0)1943 465918 for lengths longer than 3m or for customised lengths

Customer Questions
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AKCP sensors all use RJ45 connectors and can be extended using standard CAT5 cable and one or more inline couplers up to a maximum distance of 100m. Historically, AKCP did recommend extending their sensors using your structured cabling systems. AKCP...

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