AKCP Mini Sensor Controlled Relay

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A compact relay with built-in temperature sensor giving a high level of conrol to powering high power devices from your AKCP sensorProbe2+ or SPX+.

If you have an equipment with a relay that you would like to switch based on a sensor input, this adapter will output 200mA – 5V DC based on a sensors status. Use this smaller relay as to drive the larger relay on your appliance.


Coil Consumption 150mW
Switching Power 120VA, 24W
Contact Material AgNi Alloy
Min. Contact Load 1mA @ 1VDC
Initial Contact Resistance 50mΩ at 100mA, 6VDC
Contact Ratings 1A, 120 VAC / 24 VDC
Mechanical Endurance 10x10e6 operations
Electrical Endurance 1A, 120 VAC, resistive, 100x10e3 ops.
Electical Endurance 1A, 24 VDC, resistive, 100x10e3 ops
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