AKCP Airflow Sensor

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Ideal for detecting problems where airflow is essential for the operation of a system such as in the data centre. Anywhere in fact where system reliability and safety could be jeopardized if the flow of cooling air stops. 

The Airflow sensor is placed in the path of the air stream, where the user can monitor the status and the amount of the flowing air. The sensorProbe displays this information using a graphical display via its web interface. In addition to an on/off indication, it also graphs the analog values over a period of time. If the fan slows down the user will be given an indication of change over time. This may happen if the fan is close to failure or the air filter is clogged.

In addition to a web interface an SNMP interface is provided for alarm/normal status and to get the current analog value. SNMP Traps sent when critical. SNMP polling via get available. Web browser interface available. When an alarm condition is activated the description and location of the fault can be sent via email.


  • On/off alarm signal of airflow
  • Airflow data graphically displayed of over time
  • Accurate, cost effective flow sensing
  • Operates from a single +5 V DC Power Supply which powered by the sensorProbe
  • 2 LEDs indicate the status of Airflow and that the sensor is securely plugged into the sensorProbe
  • Electronics mounted in a small plastic case
  • Power source: powered by the sensorProbe. No additional power needed
  • sensorProbe auto detects the presence of the airflow sensor
  • Up to 2 airflow sensors per sensorProbe2, 8 per sensorProbe8 and securityProbe8
  • Full autosense including disconnect alarm
  • Data graphically displayed via a web page
  • Measurement rate: one reading each second, data logging once per minute
  • Trap information: Warning sensor number, Sensor description, Airflow (%)


  • Power source: Powered by the securityProbe or sensorProbe base unit. No additional power needed
  • Power consumption: Typical 429.50 mWatt, 85.90mA
  • Sensor type: Thermistor / On or Off
  • Sensor power: Line power from securityProbe or sensorProbe base unit
  • Communication cable: RJ45 jack to securityProbe or sensorProbe base unit
  • Trap information: Warning sensor number, sensor description, On or Off condition
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Compatible base units: all sensorProbe monitors, all securityProbe monitors and E-sensor8
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