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Recommended Server Room Temperature

thermometer bulbAn exploration of the recommended server room temperature and the issues surrounding maintaining the recommended temperature. Figuring out the right temperature to run your server room at can be tricky, you don't want to run the server room too hot, but you also don't want to run it too cold. Just what is the right temperature for a server room?

Server Room Monitoring - An Everyday Essential?

Environmental monitoring is essential in your server rooms & data centers. Environmental conditions have a huge impact on how reliable and long lived your servers, switches and routers will be. Bad environmental conditions can reduce the life of components, decrease reliability, and cause long term system unreliability.

Server Room Monitoring Introduction

The various aspects that make up server room monitoring make it a fascinating topic in its own right. Apart from the obvious environmental monitoring concerns there is also physical access control and monitoring, as well as infrastructure monitoring to consider.

High Density Data Center Monitoring - Verification and Auditing in the Data Centre

Technology ServerWhat effect will installing a new equipment rack have on your existing data centre environment? Will the temperature and humidity levels change?  Will your existing airconditioning system handle the load? Have you introduced a new hot spot in the data centre?  Where do you place the measuring equipment to get accurate readings?

Customising the Web Interface on the AKCP SecurityProbe

As supplied,  the opening page of the web interface on the AKCP securityProbe shows details of the manufacturer, AKCP, the company logo, and the product name. All these details can be changed using a series of SNMP commands.

Monitoring the Operational Status of Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC)

Technology ServerA breakdown of the status factors to measure and record for each Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) unit in your computer room, data centre or server room. The paper also gives a justification for why you should record each status factor and what you should do with the information once you've recorded it.

Monitoring Temperature in the Server Room

An investigation into the issues involved in measuring the temperature in your server room along with some suggestions for how you should go about it.

Server Room Thermometer

An outline of the various options you have when you are choosing a server room thermometer including the pros and cons of each

Temperature Logging

GraphAn introduction to temperature logging with a break down of the different approaches with a discussion of the various pros and cons of each approach.

Ethernet Thermometer Introduction

An introduction to ethernet thermometers giving an overview of their uses as well as their advantages and disadvantages.