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2014/04/10 - 15:25

shopping basket offerRoom Alert 4ER is our most popular Environment monitor, and it just got better with this Special Offer of a Light Tower, valued at £118.50 absolutely FREE.

2014/03/27 - 10:21

IP Power 9820The new AVIOSYS IP9820 8 port Wifi IP Power Switch is now available. Despite an improved design, higher power rating and WiFi support, advanced manufacturing techniques mean that the new unit is more sophisticated and still costs less than the PRO unit that it replaces.

2014/02/18 - 16:54

IP Power 9820We are excited to announce that Aviosys are introducing a new model IP Power 9820 to replace the old IP Power 9258 Pro in March, with a range of more powerful features.

Looks like a really good product upgrade from Aviosys.

2014/02/03 - 14:47

Mini ThermomterA customer has recently reported a problem whilst using Xsensior Lite build We have identified the problem and found a serious bug. If you have the temperature only model, then you won't run into the bug. Given the nature of the bug, we strongly recommend any customers who purchased the temperature and humidity model, to install the hot fix as soon as possible.

2014/01/08 - 15:50

Android LogoThe developer of IP Power Pro announced on January 2nd the availability of IP Power Lite a free, cut down version of their excellent Aviosys Android application.

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OPENXTRA Sample Clients