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2014/05/15 - 09:42

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AKCP have announced that they are making AKCess Pro Server free for all AKCP customers purchasing the sensorProbe2, sensorProbe4, sensorProbe8 and securityProbe models. AKCess Pro Server is the first solution to combine video monitoring with environmental sensors and access control equipment into one centralized management software package.

2014/05/14 - 14:44

shopping basket offerNow it's even easier to monitor distant locations with the longer Temperature sensors for the Room Alert models. Available in lengths of 15m and 30m.

2014/04/28 - 15:18

shopping basket offerWe are pleased to announce that AVTECH Software have released a Fuel Level sensor and a Water Level sensor. Both sensors are available in Normally Closed (NC) and Normally Open (NO) versions. Both sensors fit the full range of AVTECH Software Room Alert monitors.

2014/04/16 - 17:10

Mini ThermomterA customer has recently reported a problem whilst using Xsensior Lite build We have identified the problem and found a serious bug. If you are using the new alarm notification delay feature, you will under some circumstances, not receive the alert email. Given the nature of the bug, we strongly recommend any customers who have installed version 2.7, to install the hot fix as soon as possible.

2014/04/10 - 15:25

shopping basket offerRoom Alert 4ER is our most popular Environment monitor, and it just got better with this Special Offer of a Light Tower, valued at £118.50 absolutely FREE.

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