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2015/04/29 - 15:31

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Tailor an AVTECH Room Alert solution to your exact requirements with our new Planning Worksheets. Each Room Alert model page has a downloadable worksheet that shows you exactly the number and type of sensors which fit each Room Alert model. Simply list the sensors required and you have a specification for your own bespoke monitoring solution.

2015/03/24 - 16:06

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The AVTECH Room Alert 3W is now available and in stock. The Room Alert 3W is the new wireless version of the popular Room Alert 3E ethernet model. You can now extend your monitoring beyond the reach of your ethernet network.

2015/01/29 - 15:24

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The AVTECH Room Alert 3W with WiFi is now available for pre-order. We are happy to announce a special introductory offer - Buy 3 Room Alert 3E with Wifi units, receive a 4th FREE. Pre order your Room Alert 3Wifi now, for delivery in late February. There is no limit to the number you can order, all multiples of 3 units wil qualify for 4th unit FREE.

2015/01/16 - 11:18

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A new year and a raft of new products are due to arrive from AVTECH Software in the next few months. One is a new monitor, an enhanced version of the AVTECH Room Alert 3E but with WiFi and something that AVTECH Software have been working on for some time, a new cloud based interface for your Room Alert monitors.

2015/01/13 - 15:28

Aviosys IP Power 9858DX Front Panel

The Aviosys IP Power Switch IP9820 LITE is now available. The IP 9820 LITE is a slimmed down and cheaper version of the impressive Aviosys IP Power Switch IP9820 unit without the LCD display. Improved hardware and updated software, supports control by Smartphone.

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OPENXTRA Sample Clients